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Making pets look their best is what we do the best at Applewood Pet Care in Cottonwood and also serving Cottonwood, AZ. We are passionate about providing the type of hands-on pet grooming care that leaves every pet looking great and feeling happy. With a wide variety of pet grooming services to choose from, we can provide whatever your pet needs.

We Can Bathe The Most Difficult Pets...

As anyone who has ever tried knows, giving a dog or a cat a bath requires patience, plenty of space, at least four hands, and a rain suit. Otherwise, your bathroom can look like Niagara Falls took a side trip through it. Forget about all the stress and mess of trying to make Fido smell pretty, and bring your pets to Applewood Pet Care. We have all the equipment, expertise, and specialized knowledge to groom even the most uncooperative of pets.

Expert Grooming Services

For customers who are not sure what services they need, we will give an expert recommendation based on how your pet looks. For dogs and cats, we provide the following grooming services:

• Warm Water Bath
• Shampoo, Wash, and Blow Dry
• Thorough Brushing
• Haircut and Dematting
• Ear Cleaning and Ear Hair Removal
• Nail Trim
• Pad Shaving and Scissoring Feet
• Anal Gland Cleaning
• Sanitary Trim

While people tend to forget about cats since they are always grooming themselves, cats should also receive a good pet grooming at least once per year. Having your cat groomed can prevent the potentially fatal hairball problems that can arise from constantly ingesting hair. Applewood Pet Care can also give flea treatment shampoos and flea dips upon request. Come on over and ask about pricing today!