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Both dogs and cats are very sociable animals. Have you ever wondered what they do all day when you are not at home? Hidden camera research has shown that dogs especially will watch for their human to come home for hours. If there is a way, they will sleep in a spot that smells like the owner. They do this because they miss you, and because they get lonely. You can ensure sure that they are never lonely again with pet day care from Applewood Pet Care in Cottonwood and also serving Cottonwood, AZ.

A Home Away From Home For Your Pets

When four-legged guests come to spend the day at Applewood Pet Care, we make sure that they have plenty of exercise, love, and attention. With treats, toys, and maybe a little nap, your pets will be having so much fun that they will forget to miss you. Socialized dogs are able to make new friends and play with them in either the indoor or outdoor play areas.

Supervised Play Time

Whether your pet wants to spend the day running and playing, or just prefers to kick back and relax in the sun or shade, our caring and dedicated staff at Applewood Pet Care is always supervising. There is always a professional team member around who is making sure that none of the pet day care guests gets into any mischief.

We believe that pets deserve a day to get away from it all just as much as humans do. Bring your pet by every day, or just occasionally. Applewood Pet Care is always glad to have the company. Visit our pet day care and bring your pet along now!