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One of the biggest causes of stress when going on vacation is where to leave that special four legged member of your family while you are gone! At Applewood we Invite you and your pet to experience what our customers have coined as, “stress free boarding for your pet and guilt free boarding for you”

Applewood kennels was founded in 1981 By the Gregory’s. As professional breeders of champion Doberman Pinchers they had a very difficult time finding a pet care facility where they felt confident and more importantly comfortable with leaving there own loved pets. Though there were a wide range of options available in the NY /NJ area no one facility or private person met all their requirements. The first requirement was owner living on the property. The second was indoor/outdoor runs. The third was safety and security, dogs needed secure private runs that were preferably tiled so they were easily cleaned and easily dried. Privacy so no fighting or intimidation occurred. The fourth, large outside play areas where social dogs could socialize with other social pets and be supervised. That area needed to reminded the dogs and their owners of being at home in their own yard. Those that seemed clean and well run, most times lacked warmth and were large and very commercial the facilities were run by a manger and the owners were usually never there. Oh, and by the way very expensive ranging from $35-$50/day/dog and that was over 30 years ago. Others were smaller but most times not well maintained and though run by people who we were sure loved animals, didn't seem to at least to us have the knowledge or experience to make us feel comfortable while we were away! So! The Gregory’s bought a small kennel on a couple of acres of ground, and made it into a place that they would have felt comfortable leaving their own pets.

People traveled hours to leave their pets with them, which eventually prompted them to open two others facilities, and 25 years later after taking care of more than 60-70K pets, Bruce moved out to Cottonwood Az. area where he and his new wife and partner Adriana opened a facility that they are proud to also call Applewood kennels. Incorporated in this facility was the basics of the original Applewood kennels plus the many years of experience and things learned along the way.

What makes us different

1. The kennel is our home and we feel because of that your pet feels more like he or she is at home, hearing the sound of children, people talking and our cars coming and going; not locked up in a warehouse or some building left alone for 12-14 hours a day.

2. We have indoor outdoor runs, which for the majority of the year allow your pet access to a clean, comfortable, covered patio from early morning until late in the evening. (even in the heat of summer , thanks to the use of coolers you pet can choose to stay inside in the cool or access the outdoors for 12-16 hours of the day.)

3. We are a social kennel so social dogs can enjoy the company of other dogs in a safe secure supervised environment allowing your pet exercise and a pack routine setting which is a stress releasing mechanism for most dogs.

4. We offer you peace of mind knowing that if some problem should arise with 34 years plus experience, we can handle it.

5. Our staff is well trained in time proven procedures which we have developed which allows us to take your place while you are gone.