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One of the biggest things to cause stress about upcoming vacations is deciding who will look after your pets. The dog will need let out and the cat...
Pet Grooming | Applewood Pet Care | Cottonwood, AZ | (928) 639-1847
Making pets look their best is what we do the best at Applewood Pet Care in Cottonwood and also serving Cottonwood, AZ.
Pet Day Care | Applewood Pet Care | Cottonwood, AZ | (928) 639-1847
Both dogs and cats are very sociable animals. Have you ever wondered what they do all day when you are not at home? Hidden camera research has...

Applewood Pet Care is also the founder of BelGreg Dobermans, a champion breeding line we created in 1981.

Welcome to Applewood Pet Care

Part of what makes Applewood Pet Care in Cottonwood and also serving Cottonwood, AZ so special is the amount of experience that we have. We have been enhancing the lives of the pets whose owners entrust them to us for more than 35 years.

Specialized Pet Care

Specializing in grooming, boarding, training, and post-veterinary care of puppies and geriatric pets is a source of enormous pride to Applewood Pet Care. Pet professionals, pet lovers, and veterinarians have consistently named us one of the most recommended grooming and boarding facilities in the area.

Award Winning Services

Each of the locations that we have opened has won awards for professional service, excellence in grooming and care, and for the facilities themselves. This is the newest location, and we are looking forward to seeing it become the huge success we know that it will be.

Services For Cats and Dogs

Applewood Pet Care provides a vast array of grooming services for both dogs and cats. We take a special satisfaction in how happy a pet looks after a thorough bath and grooming. We are a small facility, so each pet receives plenty of individual attention. When they become guests for boarding or pet day care, we provide them with hours of stimulation, attention, and fun. The pets are sad to leave and we are sad to see them go.

The first commitment that we make is to the health, safety, and security of every pet in our care. The professional staff at Applewood Pet Care makes each one feel like a member of the family until you arrive to wagging tails and sloppy kisses! Remember, we are “Your Pet’s Next Best Friend.” Hire us today!